Kansas Music Hall of Fame induction

Liverpool: A Tribute to The Beatles was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 7, during a ceremony and concert for the 2015 inductees at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas.

Having our families and friends with us made this evening special and we sincerely thank all of them for sticking with us for 25 years.

In addition to current band members Larry Kips, Gary Butler, Steve Davis and Dave Tanner, it was good to share our Hall of Fame awards with Jeff Frost and Mark Agnew, who contributed so much to the band’s off-stage keyboard sounds over the years.

Big thanks to Tom Hartnett for putting together a wonderful video tribute to the late, great Jimmy Bond, who was a one-of-a-kind performer and carried that weight for Liverpool’s stage show for so many years. We miss him dearly.

Tom also did a great job creating Liverpool’s Hall of Fame video. Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJzJanAZruc&feature=youtu.be

We’ve had a lot of help over the years on and off stage, setting up, running sound, booking the band, creating our look and costumes, driving our equipment all over the place, designing our video and our soundscapes that go well beyond two guitars, a bass and drums. The Frost and Agnew families (Pam Agnew made our Sgt. Pepper costumes!), Tom Hartnett, Matt Hartnett, Connie Butler, Ed Riggs, Jason Smith (for this great website on his Netbrite platform!), Cody Wyoming, Albert Bickley, countless production companies we’ve worked with, United, AME, Omni and other agents who have booked us over the years, Christian Hankel for our interim website, and more than 500 clients who have and continue to ask for Liverpool: A Tribute to The Beatles by name. Most of all, we have the BEST fans in the world. Whether you’ve seen Liverpool once or a hundred times (yes, there are some!), you mean a lot to us. Thanks for keeping us going.

This list is by no means complete. That’s the great thing about blogs. We can update them as we think of new things to say and people to thank.

Liverpool: A Tribute to The Beatles

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